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To be honest, I really should be experimenting with more WordPress plugins than I currently do. I focus (as you would expect, considering it is my job) most of my efforts on SEO, but there are some really cool plugins that can make your job a hell of a lot easier. Over the weekend I experimented with a number of different Google News plugins, but the best one was by

I installed the plugin on my Manchester United blog and it worked perfectly. All verified through Google Webmasters Tool with no errors. So, I thought I would do a tutorial on here for SEO Trench. I currently have a static sitemap here, which I will have to keep under a different format due to the rel=alternate sitemap tests I have been doing

I’ve now deleted the sitemap file and renamed sitemap1.xml to sitemap-area.xml. Once the plugin has been installed it gives me the following results:

Screenshot of SEO Trench XML sitemap

Google News XML sitemap

The process is totally automated and I can now verify both sitemap through Google Webmaster Tools. Best get blogging more for Google News now!

2 Responses to Best Google News WordPress plugin

  1. Rolf says:

    Hi Andrew, you’ll be pleased to know in the next version (currently the development version on it will be possible to include static or external sitemaps like your example sitemap-area.xml to the index.

    By the way, the new home for XML Sitemap & Google News Feed is and if you could adapt the link in this post accordingly ( SEO-wise, you understand ;) ) I’d be really greatful.

    If you’re still looking for UTM tracking, please let me know the details.
    Thanks :)

  2. phppoet says:

    you may need to look at this news seo plugin on codecanyon . Apart from xml news sitemap it supports twitter summery card meta tags and facebook opengraph meta tags


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