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Google fully rolled out their knowledge graph in the UK today for people and events. I had noticed the knowledge graph returning, when logged in, for a few searches that I conducted – but never as prominent as in the US, which was launched back in May. I for one welcome such a feature, although I’m sure many will oppose yet another Google tool that promotes Google products and keeps you within their space. Take a look at some of the examples this morning.

London 2012
London 2012 Olympics appearing in Google

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo appearing in Google

Will i am
Will I am in Google

George Best
George Best appearing in Google

The majority of searchers in the UK will have been unaware of this development until today and it will be extremely interesting to see how many will interact with the useful London 2012 offering. I’ve made a number of observations below on key components of the ‘London 2012′ entry:

London 2012 observations of Google knowledge entry

Not a bad day to launch it really is it? London last hosted the Olympics in the summer of 1948, three years after the end of the war – so there will be such a demand for ‘London 2012′ and ‘Olympics’ keywords over the next two weeks, which is why I praise the level of detail Google have gone to with this.

Yes, cynics will point to the fact that it will keep the searcher on Google for longer, but lets be honest – it a useful component, which will dramatically increase the number of searches in the UK – especially with the ‘related people’ option.

I touched upon the fact that all of the links point to Google related features or products, expect for one – the image:
Kate Upton Wikipedia entry in Google Knowledge

However, those crafty guys at Google will use a Google+ account if one exists:
Cristiano Ronaldo Google+ image appearing in Google Knowledge

This is the same for David Beckham and David Cameron (two people I checked this morning) but surprisingly, not for Will i am. Cameron hasn’t updated his page since September 2011 and it is still returned, whereas The Black Eyed Peas star has posted more recently. Interesting to determine the factors that influence this addition.

Lastly, Google do get it wrong sometimes and poor old Rhodri Giggs, who again gets overshadowed by his brother Ryan. You will see in the George Best image above the image of ‘Ryan Giggs’ is in fact his brother Rhodri. Do a search for Rhodri Giggs and you’ll get Ryan’s profile returned:

rhodri giggs returns ryan giggs google knowledge graph

That might be a little unfair, considering I think this is a great addition to the SERPs for users – but I thought I’d document it! You can of course give feedback about this semantic search development, which I have done for this issue.

What do you think of Google Knowledge in the UK? A welcome addition? Will Google’s time on site rise to compete with that of Facebook (a metric they were looking at)? Is this too much Google+ integration?

One Response to Google knowledge graph now active in UK

  1. jimmyn says:

    That’s not Ryan Giggs, works well.

    Getting more like a website than a search engine for certain types of search term.

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