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I was reading a story on the excellent SE Roundtable, which discussed about Google being evil. I was scrolling through the comments and say a mention of the payday loans issue that Sky News covered as a top story back in January and thought I’d clear up a bit of the confusion regarding the point of the original poster.

The debate raged on about ‘what is happening in the Payday loans’ sector, with many misunderstanding the original comments and the discussion then focused on if payday loan companies are indeed ethical. This was not the original point of the poster, so I thought I would update some American visitors with some insight into what is happening within the financial sector here in the UK. All charts are produced by the unique Intelligent Positioning toolset.

Seven months data

Chart showing a number of domains shooting up in rankings all at once in January 2013

One month data

Shortening the date range highlights the extent of the improvement with American spelling domains ranking in position one for a few days before dropping out again.

Latest Update

This process continues time and time again with new domains replacing the existing ones.

This has been going on for quite some time and there are hundreds of websites using the same CCL number, owned by the same company. This isn’t just relevant to the payday loans sector as I’ve noticed this technique being replicated in other financial areas. Will Google be addressing this issue soon?

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